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Geotechnical Lab Technician

DESCRIPTION: As a geotechnical lab technician, you will play a key role in performing a variety of soil tests (including Atterberg limits, Proctor, and grain size analysis in accordance with ASTM and AASHTO specifications). You also be responsible for maintaining equipment and other duties related to lab operations as assigned.

SKILLS: High school education or equivalent. Higher education a plus.
Minimum one year of experience in geotechnical laboratory testing required.
Successful candidate must also be able to carry out verbal and written instructions effectively, as well as to retrieve and interpret information from technical manuals.
Candidate must possess strong skills in working with numbers including mathematical calculations involving percentages, fractions and decimals.
Strong communications skills necessary to discuss projects with clients, coworkers, and managers.
Attention to detail to distinguish colors and shades in soil descriptions, utilize small and delicate laboratory equipment, and analyze test results.
Knowledge of Microsoft Office a plus.
Must be able to perform wide range of physical activities including sustained walking, bending, twisting, standing, reaching, and performing medium to heavy work including occasionally lifting over 45 lb.
Valid driver's license required. 

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