Current Accreditations and Permits


Identification, Classification and Physical Property Testing

  • Consistency Determination
  • Varve Count
  • Soil Decription and Classification
  • Water Content
  • Atterberg Limits
  • Particle Size Tests
  • Specific Gravity

Soil Static Strength Testing

  • Standard Laboratory Vane
  • Fall Cone
  • Direct Shear and Direct Simple Shear Tests
  • Direct Simple Shear Test -DSS (Special Order Test)
  • Triaxial Tests
  • Unconfined Compression
  • Unconfined-Undrained Triaxial
  • Consolidated Undrained Triaxial with pore pressure
  • Consolidated Drained Triaxial

Soil Cyclic/Dynamic Testing

  • Cyclic Triaxial Strength
  • Cyclic Triaxial Properties
  • Cyclic Direct Simple Shear Strength
  • Cyclic Direct Simple Shear Properties
  • Resonant Column

Soil Permeability (Hydraulic Conductivity) Testing

  • Constant head permeability
  • Falling head permeability
  • Triaxial permeability

Consolidation and Expansion Testing

  • Incremental Consolidation
  • Swell Pressure
  • Expansion Index Test

Compaction and CBR Testing

  • Standard Impact Compaction Test
  • Modified Impact Compaction Test
  • One-point Impact Compaction Test
  • Maximum and Minimum Index Unit Weight
  • CBR (single point)

Rock Testing

  • Moh's Hardness Determination
  • Core Rock Specimen from Block Sample          
  • Dry Unit Weight
  • Saturated Water Content
  • Bulk Specific Gravity
  • Porosity
  • Rebound Hardness
  • Total Hardness
  • Point Load Strength                                               
  • Slake Durability
  • Unconfined Strength
  • Triaxial Strength
  • Direct Shear Test
  • Brazilian Splitting Test
  • Permeability of Rocks by Flowing Air
  • Direct Tensile Test
  • Static Compression Determination of Elastic Moduli
  • Cerchar Abrasion Index

Aggregate Testing

  • Particle Size Tests
  • Specific Gravity
  • Los Angeles Abrasion
  • Insoluble Residue in Carbonate Aggregate

Chemical,Dispersion, and Partial Saturation Testing

  • Organic Content by burn-off
  • Organic Content by Chronic Acid Titration
  • Calcium Carbonate Content of Soils
  • pH on soil specimen
  • pH on soil specimen for corrosion
  • pH on water/fluid specimen
  • Conductivity on water/fluid specimen
  • Soluble Salt Content of Soils
  • Pin-hole
  • Crumb
  • Double Hydrometer
  • Electrical Resistivity
  • Thermal Conductivity/Resitivity
  • Moisture Retention Curve
  • AWWA Corrosion Suite (pH, resistivity, redox, sulfide presence)

Slurry and Backfill Testing

  • Preparation of Bentonite Slurry
  • Preparation of Cement/Bentonite Slurry
  • Preparation of Soil/Bentonite Slurry Sample
  • Preparation of Soil and Additive Sample
  • Preparation of Standard Test Specimen for Curing and Testing
  • Slurry Density by Mud Balance
  • Slurry Viscosity by Marsh Funnel
  • Slurry Viscosity by Rotational Viscometer
  • Slurry Filter Cake by filter press
  • Lime Stabilization Viability
  • Filter Cake Permeability Test
  • Unconfined Compression of Soil Cement Cylinders
  • Unconfined Compression on Controlled Low Strength Material (CLSM)
  • Standard Triaxial Permeability (Hydraulic Conductivity)

Concrete Testing

  • Sample curing
  • Mix Design
  • Unconfined strength