Testing Capabilities

  • Index and physical properties testing

  • Compaction testing

  • Consolidation testing

  • Permeability and compatibility testing

  • Strength testing

  • Cyclic strength and modulus property testing

  • Special parameters testing

  • Rock testing


  • The TerraSense laboratory provides the full range of standard index testing along with specialized static and dynamic testing.  The laboratory has over 25 test stations for standard property and advanced strength and consolidation testing. 

 The laboratory has the overall capabilities shown below.

Test                                         Number of Stations                             Comments
Consolidation                                    12
Large scale consolidometers              3
Permeability (Fixed Wall)                    3                                            Up to 12-inch diameter
Permeability (Triaxial)                       15                                                       
UU, CU and CD Triaxial                    22                                            Up to 6-inch diameter
Direct Shear                                        2
Direct Simple Shear                            1
Resonant Column                               1
Cyclic Triaxial                                      1

The laboratory functions as a production facility for standard property testing with multiple testing programs being submitted daily for quick turnaround.  Our laboratory is equipped to handle and test contaminated soil samples.

We provide strength, deformation and index testing of rock samples in accordance with ASTM and ISRM test procedures. The lab uses high capacity testing equipment to perform strength testing of rock including unconfined compression, direct shear, Brazilian tensile strength, elastic modulus, triaxial strength.  We can prepare test specimens from, boulders, bulk samples or cores with our equipment.

Construction Materials:
TerraSense performs testing services for a variety of construction materials, including aggregates,  contaminated soils, grouts, amended soils (soil-cement, soil-lime, soil-bentonite), slurries, and controlled low-strength materials (CLSM). The testing is conducted in accordance with applicable ASTM, and AASHTO test procedures when available.

We have the flexibility, experience and know-how to customize equipment and procedures to test for unusual or unique requirements.  This includes equipment to conduct large scale consolidation testing of wick drain materials.  We can also perform workability tests on sediments and stabilization admixtures such as lime and cement.